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Wordsmith's Tea - A Perfect Literary Gift

If you or someone you know is a budding author, established poet, an adaptive playwright, a fantastical gaming writer, truth hunting journalist or indeed anyone with the yearning to simply write, then this is could make an ideal gift!

It comes presented in a choice of two different eco friendly containers, either a small white cardboard tub with the label at the top or a white cardboard tube wrapped, both carry the quote - "A simple cup of tea sparks an instant burst of brainpower and creativity!"

Either container will be filled with Apricot and Peach loose leaf tea and will offer a special gift or treat for yourself. You do have the option, if you so wish, to swap the loose leaf blend for 5 pyramid teabags filled with my premium English Breakfast tea. Please make your choice from either Literary Blend or Breakfast Teabags.

Tea it has been said can spark an instant burst of brainpower and creativity within just a few minutes of drinking a good quality brew. Findings have suggested that it could be the antidote to everything, from writer's block to artists looking for inspiration during brainstorming.

Please see below the full ingredients for the loose leaf tea and the teabags!



Blenders Notes:
Apricot and Peach Black Tea - This decadent black tea has the perfect balance of flavours. The peaches and apricots enrobe the tea leaves perfectly. The flavours of apricot and peach provide a slight acidity that works perfectly with the black tea to create the ultimate summer blend. It can also be used to make a refreshing ice tea for those hot summer days.

Sri Lankan black tea, natural dried papaya, freeze-dried peach and apricot, blackberry leaves, sunflower and calendula petals, natural flavouring.
Naturally contains caffeine.
Ingredients: Indian Assam, Sri Lankan Ceylon and Rwandan Black Teas. Naturally contains caffeine.
Net Weight of each teabag 3g.

Please read below the full details of the 2 container options:

Small Round White Tub: This is a delightful small tin has clear lid which is topped with a round label with our distinctive black and white book design, Vintage Typewriter image and quote.
Dimensions of Tub: 75 mm (d) x 42 mm (h)
Net weight Loose Leaf Tea 25g or 5 Pyramid Teabags.

Tall White Tube: The cardboard tubes feature a slip lid that has a rolled edge, and we are thrilled to say that the tubes are fully recyclable and contain recycled material. wrapped with our distinctive black and white book design, Vintage Typewriter image with the quote to front an oval plaque design.
Dimensions of tube: 76mm (d) x 133mm (h). 460ml/15.6 fl oz
Net weight: Loose Leaf Tea 100g or 15 English Breakfast.


All teas are made to order and will be good for at least 12 months from order date.

Due to manufacturing processes this tea may contain traces of: Cereals containing gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya, mustard and sulphur dioxide (>10mg/kg). (sulphur dioxide is used to preserve all dried fruits and prevents them spoiling).