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LoyalTea Leaves - Earn rewards when you buy tea


Welcome to our Loyal tea Rewards Program!


If you like our shop, love our teas and wish to purchase some of our fabulous blends, then why not earn some Loyaltea Leaves which will give you all sorts of discounts and free gifts to choose from? Whilst you shop you will automatically build up points based on how much you spend.

You don’t need to redeem them right away – every time you shop with us, you account will credited with the points and you can save them up over time to get a greater deal later on. You can get even more points by earning in different ways as described below. So there is no reason to delay, if you are spending, you might as well start saving.

It is a simple program, we offer you the opportunity to earn a Leaf per £1 spent, and you can soon earn enough Leaves to exchange for more tea! 

Simply click on the little green REWARDS TAB at the bottom right of your screen, then follow the instructions to enrol on our loyal tea program.

You can also find out how you can earn points not simply by purchasing from us but also by interacting with our social media and celebrating your Birthday!

Ways to earn your Leaves

Like on Facebook =2 Loyaltea Leaves

Follow on Twitter  =2 Loyaltea Leaves

Follow on Instagram =2 Loyaltea Leaves

Place an order = 1 Loyaltea Leaf for every £1 spent

Signup =5 Loyaltea Leaves

Celebrate a birthday = 20 Loyaltea Leaves

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Take a look below how you can spend the Leaves -

£2.50 off discount = 25 Loyaltea Leaves


£5 off discount = 50 Loyaltea Leaves 


It doesn't cost you a penny, it's simply a way of us saying thank you for being such great tea customers!