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About Us and our Tea Blends

About Us and Our Teas

Hi, our love of tea and in particular loose leaf  tea has been lifelong, appreciating its fine qualities and flavours. My name is Julie and with my daughter Annie we run our small family business, based in the sleepy seaside town of Broadstairs, in Kent, England,

The reason we exist?  Well this a brief outline: My Dad was a true "Teapot" in every sense, he was never without a cuppa in his hand!  His family came from the East End of London, and were very much Cockneys, and my Nana always read the leaves in the bottom of the cup!  All this helped to inspire me into starting our little English tea company.  If you aren’t familiar with Cockney Rhyming Slang then you may not know that Rosie Lea is rhyming slang for tea, ‘ Let’s have a lovely cup of Rosie’. it is not my name! 

Since those early days my daughter Annie has now come on board to help me run our tea company. With drawing together two generations our thoughts have increased the tea range significantly with some pretty quirky and ingenious ideas! 

Our main priority is that all of our loose leaf tea and infusions are of a consistently high quality; we have a verifiable supply chain to make sure that our base teas are ethically sourced, and we reject any tea that does not meet our own high standards.

Everything we offer is packaged to order, this means that the tea will reach you in the freshest possible condition.  None of our packs sit on dusty shelves for 6 months plus waiting for someone to purchase them! 

Whether you are looking for a classic Earl Grey tea, a South African Rooibos, or a really different fruit tea, this is the place to look. With over 120 teas to choose from, we offer a great range of traditional to quirky tea choices and are sure there will be at least one you like!. 

Our Literary Tea range has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and we have a great range of brews inspired by some of the great authors and poets of our times.

Our office opening times are as follows:

Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 1pm

Weekends CLOSED

Bank Holidays CLOSED