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About Us and our Tea Blends

Hi, my history with loose leaf  tea has been lifelong, appreciating its fine qualities and flavours. My name is Julie and I run our small family business, based in the sleepy seaside town of Broadstairs, in Kent, England,

The reason we exist?  Well this a brief outline: My Dad was a true Teapot in every sense, he was never without a cuppa in his hand!  His family came from the East End of London, and were very much Cockneys, and my Nana always read the leaves in the bottom of the cup!  All this helped to inspire me into starting our little English tea company; I lost my Dad to Parkinsons Disease back in 2010 and set up Rosie Lea Tea in his memory.  If you aren’t familiar with Cockney Rhyming Slang then you may not know that Rosie Lea sis rhyming slang for tea, ‘ Let’s have a lovely cup of Rosie’. it is not my name!  One of our blends – My Dads Blend –  was was made to reincarnate my Dads sweet tooth.

Our highest priority is that all of our loose leaf tea and infusions are of a consistently high quality; we have a verifiable supply chain to make sure that our base teas are ethically sourced, and we reject any tea that does not meet our own high standards. Our premises have been inspected for health and hygiene standards by the local council, so you can be rest assured we take the best possible care to get our teas to you in great shape.
We are proud to say that we are a genuine Artisan tea company, that our tea recipes are unique, hand blended and then hand weighed and packaged by us all within the county of Kent, The Garden of England.

We really care about our product and you our customers, as our blends are bespoke we will always listen to what you are asking for and if it is possible we will try and translate that into a new Rosie Lea blend. 

We primarily sell through our online shop as well as carefully selected outlets.  You can also find us at Farmers Markets and Food Festivals.

Whether you are looking for a classic Earl Grey tea, a South African Rooibos, or a really different fruit tea, this is the place to look. With over 70 teas to choose from, we offer a great range of traditional to quirky tea choices.