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Fruit and Herbal Infusions are most commonly called teas these days, but in fact contain absolutely no tea leaf at all in them.

None of these infusions contain any caffeine at all, and many have wonderful herbs with plentiful calming and healing properties.

All of our infusions are made from pure fruit, herbs and spices, no sugars or artificial flavours are added to them. If you brew at 100 degrees for 5 to 7 minutes you will get a full of flavour cuppa; no need to force the flavours out of our fruits they will naturally fill your cup with absolutely loads of flavour, not a spray of perfume in sight just honest to goodness ingredients!

Due to blending with multiple ingredients we have to issue an allergens warning:
may contain traces of – cereals, almonds, hazelnuts, milk, soya, mustard and sulphur dioxide (used in dried fruits).