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Sampling Tea Set No. 6 - The Mint Collection

A selection of 3 of our teas in each set with a little pack of 20 disposable teabags - just pop a teaspoon of the leaves into the disposable bag, brew in hot water according to the instructions on the packs, once brewed simply throw it away, it’s fully recyclable too!

A perfect way to trial loose leaf teas, or as a lovely gift .


The photographs are for example, each label and contents will be as per the set you have ordered!

The box is A5 size which measures -  23cm x 16cm x 2.2cm ☆ 9"x 6.5"x 0.8"


Sampling Set No. 6  -  The Mint Collection.



Peppermint -15g- Soothing, refreshing all natural Peppermint leaf.

Chilli Mint -15g- Spearmint with a fabulous kick of red peppercorns, the longer the brew the greater the heat!

Spearmint - 15g - A lovely alternative to Peppermint, slightly sweeter.

If you require more information on each individual  blend then please refer to the relevant page on our website.

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