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Jane Austen Tea Eco Gift Tubs

I have designed a set of 'Jane Austen teas' now presented individually in eco friendly, little round, white carboard tubs. I think these make a lovely gift for anyone who admires the many wonderful characters and places that feature within her novels.

The tubs are filled with a variety of my loose leaf tea blends, each one has been chosen carefully to suit the character or place; please refer to the individual description to find out more details of the teas. 


As an extra special treat -
I also offer a fabulous little tea infuser which carries a silhouette of Jane herself and will certainly add to the joy of drinking of one of my fabulous tea blends whilst reading tales from the Regency Era. Please note this infuser comes as an additional purchase option and is not included within the price of the tea tubs. Please scroll down to read the details of the tea infuser.


The 9 classic Jane characters, houses and titles to choose from are:

Elizabeth Bennet - 'I could easily forgive his pride if he had not mortified mine' - These very special tea leaves are from China, at the time of first plucking they are laid amongst fresh rose petals to oxidise together, the end result is the perfume from the roses naturally permeate the tea leaves to give the most natural and beautiful rose flavoured tea, Ingredients: Chinese Black Tea and Rose Buds. Naturally Contains Caffeine. - 25g.

Emma - 'There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart' - Strawberries and Cream: A delicious full of flavour all fruit tea, brimming with strawberries and complimented with a luxurious hint of cream! Ingredients: Freeze dried strawberries, elderberries, apple pieces, orange peel, rosehip, hibiscus, Natural Flavouring. Naturally caffeine free. - 25g.

Fitzwilliam Darcy - 'My good opinion once lost, is lost forever' - This excellent Earl Grey is made from top grade tea leaves along with superior quality natural bergamot oil, and a few added blue cornflowers to enhance the look of this high-quality classic. Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, China Keemun, Blue Cornflowers and Bergamot Oil. Naturally contains caffeine. - 25g.

Mansfield Park - 'There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort' - A relaxing, fragrant blend with all the goodness of a wonderful Yunnan Provence green tea leaf. Ingredients: Chinese jasmine green tea. Naturally contains caffeine.- 25g.

Northanger Abbey - Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothing' - A rich malty blend of the finest black tea leaves from Sri Lanka and India, a bright refreshing breakfast tea. Ingredients: Indian Assam, Sri Lankan Dimbula, Kenyan & Rwandan black teas. Naturally Contains Caffeine. - 25g

Pemberley - 'Nothing is more deceitful than the appearance of humility.' A sweet gorgeous green tea, with just the right balance of strawberry and vanilla, simply fabulous! Ingredients: Chinese Green Tea (45%), Freeze Dried Strawberry, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Sunflower Petals, Calendula Petals, Natural Flavouring. Naturally Contains Caffeine. - 20g

Persuasion - 'What is right to be done cannot be done too soon' - This herbal tea is a perfect balance of flavours, from the warm earthy taste of Rooibos complemented with naturally sweet caramel and then the perfect fruity hint of apple. Ingredients: Rooibos (76%), Liquorice, Cinnamon, Fenugreek, Air Dried Apple (3%), Lime Leaves, all natural flavouring. - 25g. Naturally caffeine Free.

Pride & Prejudice - 'Happiness of marriage is entirely a matter of chance' - Apricot and Peach Black Tea - This decadent black tea has been perfectly balanced with peaches and apricots to provide a slight acidity that works perfectly with the black tea. Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea, natural dried papaya, freeze-dried peach and apricot, blackberry leaves, sunflower and calendula petals, natural flavouring. Naturally Contains Caffeine. - 25g.

Sense & Sensibilitea - 'Sense will always have attractions for me' - My Lavender Earl Grey is blended with Sri Lankan black tea infused with the ever distinctive bergamot oil with a sprinkling of lavender flowers to offer a wonderfully perfumed cup of tea. Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea, lavender de Provence, blue cornflower Petals, bergamot oil. Naturally Contains Caffeine - 25g.

Dimensions of Tub: 75 mm (d) x 42 mm (h)

All my teas are prepared to order and will have a minimum of 12 months shelf life on them.


Due to manufacturing processes, this tea may contain traces of: Cereals containing gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, soya, mustard and sulphur dioxide (>10mg/kg). (sulphur dioxide is used to preserve all dried fruits and prevents them spoiling).

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