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Fine Mesh Drop In Infuser

This is such a hard wearing and practical infuser!

This infuser is made from a strong plastic with a a steel very fine mush infuser, this has been a favourite of hours for many years.  They are tough, aroma resistant and dishwasher safe and with the mesh being so fine, it is almost impossible for any leaf as fine as it may be from seeping through and getting into the mug!

The handles lay out over the sides to prevent it falling in and so enabling easy removal once the tea is brewed. 

It allows plenty of space for brewing your tea and so allowing a more even distribution of water through the tea leaves and allowing them to move around while brewing.

This infuser also comes with it's own drip tray so once you remove the infuser from the cup it will catch excess water.


75mm Height, Base width 64mm, Edge to Edge circumference 72mm, Width left handle to right handle 97mm.   All measurements are external and are approximate.

Made from stainless steel.

Comes Boxed.