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China Keemun Tea


China Keemun is one of our premium loose leaf teas and, although expensive, is well worth the investment for a truly memorable tea experience. The name comes from an old Western spelling of the name of the nearby town, Qimen (pronounced "Chee-men"). 

Blenders Notes:

This great black tea leaf is an extremely high quality large leaf variety from the Qimen Provence in China, between the Yellow Mountains and the Yangtze River.

The flavour is fabulous, slightly light perfume, it is full bodied with a mellow, sweet taste, with hints of dark chocolate and sweet orchid too.

It is known as the Burgundy of black teas -  like a glass of fine wine but in a cup! Naturally contains caffeine.

Chinese Keemun Mao Feng black tea.


How to Brew:
Take a teaspoon per cup (2 for a mug). Boil freshly drawn water, infuse leaves for three minutes and drink with or without milk, add sugar as per your taste.


Collections: Our Black Teas

Type: Black Tea

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