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To buy tea and especially loose leaf tea is making something of a resurgence in recent years. Customers of our tea company are telling us they are getting bored of coffee and with all of the additives that go into so many coffee options, are seeing the health benefits of tea as a positive change to their daily habits. With such a wide range of teas now available, you can keep trying a different tea every day for months without repeating yourself. Teas with caffeine, teas without, herbal and fruit tisanes – this list just goes on.

Rosie Lea Tea is on a mission to provide good quality and innovative blends to the market place, blending many of our own teas on premises and to order. This ensures that almost all the teas we offer are unique to us (we can’t do anything about a pure Darjeeling or Assam!), is always freshly blended to give the best possible shelf life, and provides you, the customer with a really special experience.  

The health benefits of drinking tea are well documented, and with many of the fruit and herbal teas having natural sweetness from their ingredients, don’t require sugar or artificial sweeteners to be added to them.

With over 120 blends now available, we think there is a tea for everyone within our range so have a look around and choose what is right for you.