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Sherlock Inspired Tea - Fandom Gift

Tea Blend

A sure fired popular choice as a little gift for any Sherlock fan, it can be slipped into a pocket or bag for tea on the go!
These little tins open to reveal a lovely blend, you have the choice of ten teas of which can be filled into your own character preference.

There are 6 characters to choose from: Sherlock, Dr Watson, Moriartea, Mrs Hudson, Lestrade and Mycroft.

These little tins have a hinged lid, and when opened reveal the tea you have selected. Simply select from the Flavour from the drop down to indicate which tea you wish the tin to be filled with.
There are a selection of seven teas:
Tea Choices:

Caramel Dream Rooibos (25g): Ingredients: South African Rooibos, Caramel pieces, Calendula petals, natural flavour. Naturally caffeine free.

Cherry Rhubarb Green Tea (25g): Ingredients: Japanese green tea, hibiscus, rose petals, rhubarb pieces and natural flavours. Naturally contains caffeine.

Premium Earl Grey (20g): Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea, bergamot oil, lemon peel & orange flowers. Naturally contains caffeine.

English Breakfast (25g): Ingredients: Indian Assam black tea, Sri Lankan Dimbula black tea, Milima Kenyan black tea & Rwandan Black Tea. Naturally contains caffeine.

Forest Fruit All fruit Infusion (25g): Ingredients: Orange peel, apple pieces, elderberries, blackberry leaves, seabuck thorn berries, hibiscus, rosehip, natural flavour. Naturally caffeine free.

Peach Blossom All fruit Infusion (20g): Ingredients: Apple pieces, orange pieces, rosehip pieces, hibiscus, jasmine flowers, orange flowers, natural flavour. Naturally Caffeine Free.

Vanilla Chai Black Tea (20g): Ingredients: Assam Indian black tea, Sri Lankan black tea, vanilla pieces and flavouring, ginger pieces, cardamom pieces, cinnamon pieces. Naturally contains caffeine.

Dimensions of Tin: 95mm long x 60mm wide x 21mm deep.

Every gift or tea that we sell is always made to order and will have at least 12 months best before date on them!

If you can't make your mind up then there is the option of buying all 6 of the characters for an all in one price of £25.00! If you would like all 6 then please let us know which teas you would like with which character in the comments box at checkout, thank you! :)

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