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With the festive season fast approaching, how about a mince pie tea to go with your, well…mince pie? This tea is really is like a mince pie in a cup, but without the calories! Using our Rooibos South African tea, we have added fruit and spices to blend a truly warming seasonal tea. This drink is totally caffeine free and has proved a popular blend over the past few years.

Rooibos is becoming an increasingly popular drink in recent years as it is naturally caffeine-free and low in tannins, and is packed with micronutrients, including copper, iron and potassium. As a result, it is coming ‘on-trend’ as a healthy tea. Rooibos has a beautiful coppery colour and natural nutty and full-bodied flavour; you may have heard it being referred to by its literal meaning of ‘red bush’. Rooibos is not a classical true tea as it doesn’t come from Camellia Sinensis tea plant. It’s actually a herb that grows as a small shrubby bush in the Cederberg region of South Africa, near Cape Town. Efforts to grow rooibos outside this region have, to date, been unsuccessful.
The coppery red colour of this tea comes from the fermentation and drying process – the rooibos bush itself is actually green. The leaves are piled in heaps and allowed to ferment, then spread out in the sun to dry.


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