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Iced Teas are back.

May 30, 2019

loose leaf iced tea

The warm weather is coming back again, so why not refresh yourself with home-made iced tea? Building on our well established blends plus some new summertime fruit and herbal teas we have twisted and tweaked this selection to give the most fruity, juicy & refreshing teas you'll ever taste. Our iced teas are easy to make, hydrating and totally moreish.

Make great tasting iced tea is easier than you think. If you follow these basic steps you will end up with a fantastic cooled drink....

Use twice the amount of loose leaf tea (or teabags) than you would for a normal drink.

Brew your tea as normal (remember Black, Green and Infusion teas need different water temperatures and steeping time).

Fill a jug or glass with ice and the pour the tea over the ice.

Once the ice has dissolved, drink and enjoy

Add sugar or sweetener to taste (if you think you need it)


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