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Halloween Tea Ideas

September 23, 2019

halloween tea ideas

With Halloween fast approaching we have put together a selection of teas to compliment your spooky experience with friends and family. Try some of our spiced teas to get the hairs on the back of your neck tingling and get you in the right mood. Our spiced black tea with cinnamon and clove will warm you up, or how about caramelised pumpkin - a wonderful mix of natural sweetness blended with fabulous Ceylon black tea with a perfect balance of toffee, pumpkin and liquorice! Chilli Mint tea – how long dare you brew it before the chilli kicks in – always a good party game!

If you are more inspired by authors of dark tales then how about checking out some of our literary offerings such as Bram Stoker – our blood red Very Cherry fruit infusion tea, or Edgar Allan Poe featuring our popular vanilla black tea. Or of course Mary Shelly with our Sweet (or not so sweet) Lavender tea!

Tea is not just for drinking though. You can use the brewed tea to add some colour and dye to materials to give vibrant hues to paper or clothes (and is a lot cheaper than traditional dyes). Just soak the material and let it dry to produce unique accessories for your Halloween events.  Black tea can create old style paper or documents or placecards once dried too.


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