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The Dickens Tea Collection

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A set of 8 of  'The Dickens Tea Collection'  in a slimline, hinged tin; there are 8 classic Dickens titles accompanied by a quote from within the well known books themselves.  It makes a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates such classic literary works while drinking a superior quality cup of tea!

The tea blends have been selected and blended by us to complement each of the works

Includes: a small pack of each of the following blends:  . Presented in an A5 sized tin with full brewing instructions for each individual blend.

Each individual pack will make at least 4 cups of tea.


The Old Curiositea Shop - 'It is a very pleasant world we live in Sir'   -   This is a beautiful all fruit infusion with only natural ingredients. A true taste of strawberries in a cup!  Ingredients: Strawberries, elderberries, apple pieces, orange peel, rosehips, hibiscus. Naturally caffeine free. 10g.

Oliver Twist   - ' Please Sir, I want some more! '  -  A truly luxurious, aromatic blend of black tea, real cocoa and vanilla. Even better it is a cup of chocolate without the calories! Ingredients:  Assam and Sri Lankan black tea, cocoa shells, vanilla pieces, calendula petals. Naturally contains caffeine.  10g.

Great Expectations   -  ' Ask no questions and you will be told no lies'  -   The youngest downy bud of white tea, it has delicate flavour coupled with the aromatic essence of jasmine flowers, truly a match made in heaven!  Ingredients: Chinese white tea, jasmine flowers. Naturally contains caffeine.  10g.

Pickwick Papers   -   ' What was over couldn't be begun! '  -   A wonderful aromatic tea, being a gently oxidised leaf, so taking away the slightly bitter taste that you may get from green tea. A delicate light leaf with slight hints of peach.  Ingredients: Chinese Ti Guan Yin Oolong. Naturally contains caffeine.  10g.

Little Dorrit   - ' One always begins to forgive a place as soon as it is left behind '  -  Superior black ta laced with vanilla and lavender to calm your senses. Sweet vanilla gives fudge like notes, a silky smooth tea. Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea, vanilla pieces, Kentish lavender flowers, natural flavour. Naturally contains caffeine. 10g.

David Copperfield -  ' Procrastination is the thief of time '-   Ceylon tea infused with the oil of Bergamot, with added lemon and orange flowers, aromatic Earl Grey tea. Ingredients: Uva Ceylon black tea, bergamot oil, lemon peel and orange flowers. Naturally contains caffeine. 10g.   

Bleak House  -  'A word in earnest is as great as a speech ' -   A rich flavoursome bled, a connoisseur black tea. Complex flavours that dance over the tongue. Ideal as an accompaniment to the well written words of Dickens. Ingredients: Chinese Yunnan black tea, Chinese Mao Feng black tea, Indian First Flush Darjeeling.  Naturally contains caffeine. 10g.

A Christmas Carol -  'Bah', said Scrooge, 'Humbug!'  - Welcome to snuggling up in front of the fire time! Full of spices and fruit, just what is needed to warm you inside!  Ingredients: Hibiscus, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, orange peelNaturally caffeine free. 10g.

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