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Stainless Steel Tea Ball Infuser

Love loose leaf tea?

These great little infuser balls come in two sizes, a good budget, eco friendly way to start off using loose leaf tea.

The Infuser comes with a hook and chain, the hook allows you to wrap the chain around the handle of a cup or teapot to stop it slipping in to hot water.

Easy to open with the side hinges, fill with a teaspoon of your tea, pop the ball into the cup or pot, and wait. When it's brewed to your liking then simply use the chain to remove from the hot water without burning your fingers.

Available in 2 sizes, small (diameter 50mm) and large (diameter 65mm). Made from Stainless Steel.

The small size is perfect for small leaf teas such as black tea and Rooibos, and for making one cup. The large is brilliant for a larger/bulkier blend such as chamomile and mint to allow the flowers/leaves to expand also for making MORE than 1 cup of tea at a time. Please check the diameter of your teacups/mugs/teapots to ensure they will fit!

Either size has the same size of mesh, please note that although the mesh is fine it may not prevent all the fine deposits escaping and settling at the bottom of your teacup, mug or teapot.

Dishwasher safe.

Tea Balls come boxed.