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Great British Brew Pyramid Teabags


Blenders Notes:

Now if there is one thing we know a lot of British folk do love a good strong flavoursome brew.

So we decided rather than our fantastic English Breakfast blend for loose leaf brewing we would blend a far stronger tea, selecting smaller leaves but still high quality loose leaf, this works fantastically in our teabags and brews a lot quicker too. So pop the kettle on, it's time for a great British Brew!

Available in an exclusive designed tea caddy containing 15 teabags. This domed tea caddy has an inner lid as well to seal in the freshness of the leaves. Dimensions of caddy: diameter 90mm x height 113mm. This tea has a shelf life of 12 months as everything we sell is freshly made to order to guarantee optimum freshness.

Refill Packs of 15 teabags come in a black stand up resealable bag, 50 and 100 come in a plain silver resealable stand up bag.

Assam, Ceylon,  & Rwandan Black Teas.

Naturally contains caffeine.

How to Brew:

Take 1 teabag per cup.  Boil freshly drawn water, infuse leaves for one to three minutes and drink preferably with milk, add sugar as per your taste.

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Type: Teabags

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