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Ovid Tea


"Fortune and love favour the brave."

This is the ideal gift for anyone who loves the works of Ovid. With several options for presentation, there is sure to be something to fit the personality of the person for whom the gift is intended, or indeed yourself!


Packs: Clear fronted resealable packs that come in two sizes; 15g (Makes up to 5 cups) or 50g (Makes up to 20 cups) of rich and malty, Indian Assam black tea.

White Pencil Tin: Presented in a presentation white tin, wrapped in a sleeve with a  well known quote stating "Fortune and love favour the brave.", to the front. Tin measures: 181mm long x 76mm wide x 22mm deep. The inner cellophane bag contains 50g of rich and malty, Indian Assam black tea. ( makes up to 20 cups of tea).

Tall Round Tin:  An ideal gift in a high quality round tin with inner lid, wrapped with our distinctive black and white book design, with the quote "Fortune and love favour the brave." to the front; this tin is then filled with 100g of rich and malty, Indian Assam black tea. (makes up to 40 cups).

Blenders Notes:
For those of you who may not know, Assam is pretty much the strongest large leaf black tea that you can buy. Our Assam is of supreme quality, it is both powerful and malty and gives a strong, distinctive taste. A perfect tea if you are looking for strength in character and colour, it will easily give you that morning boost!

Ingredients: Assam Indian Black Tea. Naturally contains caffeine.