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Flavoursome Green Teas Gift Bag

If you know a lover of green tea or want to introduce a friend to real teas for the first time then how about this lovely gift set!

We offer a dear little jute gift bag filled 4 white gift tins each one contains a fabulous green tea - Apple and Lime, Lemon Green, Kashmiri Green Chai and Jasmine Green tea.

The bag also contains a stainless steel 45mm diameter tong infuser to enable easy brewing.

Every gift set is made to order and will have a shelf life of 12 month ensuring the greatest freshness to the recipient.

Each tin is labelled on the base with a full ingredients list and how best to brew them. 
The tins measure: Height 3cm, Diameter 8cm and has a screw top. 
The gift bag measures: 15cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 10cm (D)

25g tin Apple and Lime
25g tin Lemon Green tea
25g tin Kashmiri Green Chai
25g tin Jasmine Green tea
Please read below for tea descriptions and ingredients.


Apple and Lime:  All the goodness of our glorious green tea with a twist! We have added apple and lime to our favoured green leaves to give you a wonderful fruity zing.  Fantastic drunk hot as a classic tea, but we do love it over ice, why not add a mint leaf to make it even more special!  Ingredients: Chinese green tea, apple pieces, lime leaves, flavour. Naturally contains caffeine.

Lemon Green Tea:  So hands up who likes a nice slice of lemon dropped into your green tea?! Well we thought we would save you the trouble and add it ourselves! This is our excellent green tea blended with wonderfully healthy Lemon verbena and lemon grass.A really refreshing tea with a little citrus zing, try drinking it after meals as it may help your digestion too! Ingredients: Chinese green tea, lemon grass, lemon verbena, flavour, lemon pieces.  Naturally contains caffeine.

Kashmiri Green Chai: A green tea version of delicious Chai. This is such a beautiful tea, the goodness of green tea blended with Asian delights to give you an uplifting, gently spiced flavour with truly refreshing qualities. It is a pleasure to look at before water, in water and finally to taste!  Ingredients: Chinese Imperial Pinhead green tea, cardamom, safflower, jasmine blossoms, calendula petals, sunflower petals and natural flavours. Naturally contains caffeine.

Jasmine Green Tea:  A relaxing, fragrant blend with all the goodness of a wonderful Yunnan Provence green tea leaf. The leaves are dried and laid amongst glorious Jasmine Flowers, over time the heavenly scent is infused into the leaves, then the dried flowers are scattered amongst the leaves to give you a gloriously fragrant tea.  Jasmine has a wonderful relaxing effect and this tea is often served after a Chinese meal to aid digestion! Ingredients: Chinese jasmine green tea.  Naturally contains caffeine.

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