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Ditsy Tea Infuser Mug

These tea mugs are really cheerful infuser mugs, and come in a choice of 4 designs. They are complete with an infuser and lid / coaster.

The infuser is made from stainless steel and are therefore dishwasher proof to keep them clean and sparkling.

Each mug is made of Bone China and has a capacity of 300ml and look great. This mug is a little smaller than a normal tea or coffee cup you may buy from the supermarket, but is more than enough for a great brew. The choice of design and colour adds a little extra to your breakfast room or lounge. Easy to tell who's drink is whose too!

There is a choice of 4 colours to choose from, Green, red, yellow and blue, and each has an intricate chinese design embedded into the colour scheme. 

They do not come boxed, but are shipped securely in postman resistant wrapping within our own delivery boxes.


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