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Premium Black Teas Gift Selection

The perfect gift set for  loose leaf tea lovers or to introduce them to loose leaf teas for the first time!

A gift box filled 6 clear lidded gift tins filled with our premium loose leaf Assam, Orange Pekoe Ceylon, Darjeeling 1st Flush, Premium English Breakfast, Citrus Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong

Every gift set is made to order and will have a shelf life of 12 month ensuring the greatest freshness to the recipient.


Each tin is labelled on the base with a full ingredients list and how best to brew them. The tins measure: Height 3cm, Diameter 8cm. The gift box measures: Height 3.5cm, Length 25cm.

25g tin Assam Tea.
25g tin Orange Pekoe Ceylon Large Leaf Tea.
25g tin Darjeeling 1st Flush
25g tin Premium English Breakfast
25g  tin Citrus Earl Grey
25g tin Lapsang Souchong
Please read below for tea descriptions and ingredients.


Assam Tea: For those of you who may not know, Assam is pretty much the strongest large leaf black tea that you can buy. Our Assam is of supreme quality, it is both powerful and malty and gives a strong, distinctive taste.A perfect tea if you are looking for strength in character and colour, it will easily give you that morning boost!  Ingredients: Assam Indian Black Tea.

Orange Pekoe Ceylon Tea:  A large Orange Pekoe whole leaf Ceylon black tea, from the Dimbula region in Sri Lanka. It is a high quality tea that gives a golden cup tea with a delicate and mellow flavour. Ingredients: Sri Lankan Full leaf orange pekoe black tea.

Darjeeling 1st Flush: Known as the champagne of black teas as its exclusive taste and quality and cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world! This is from the first flush plucking, which occurs normally from the end of March to end of April, this flush gives a refreshing distinctive flavour and light in colour. Darjeeling is generally known for it's poor colour in the cup, certainly if you add milk, but believe us it is so full of vibrant flavours. Ingredients:  Darjeeling First Flush black tea.

Premium English Breakfast:There are so many varying types of this blend, some which please and others which are less so. So bearing this in mind we have taken some time to get a good balance of flavours and strength which we hope you will love!  We have chosen to use several different black tea leaves  from Sri Lanka, India, Kenya and  Rwanda which we believe offers a full of flavour, rich malty blend.  Ingredients: Assam Indian black tea,Sri Lankan Dimbula black tea, Milima Kenyan black tea & Rwandan Black Tea

Citrus Earl GreyFor our Earl Grey tea we have used a gorgeous large unbroken leaf from Sri Lankan for our base it has it's own special perfumed flavour which we feel works perfectly for this blend. These leaves have then been infused with a strong  and distinctive oil of bergamot. Now we weren't happy with just this so added a little extra zing from lemon peel and orange flowers too. Our Citrus Earl Grey is light in colour but the flavours are most certainly fabulous. We hope once you have tasted our version of such a classic tea you will be hooked for life! Ingredients: Sri Lankan Uva black tea, lemon peel, orange flowers, bergamot oil.

Lapsang Souchong:  This is a truly distinctive rich Chinese black tea, made in the traditional way of slowly smoking the leaves over pine wood. The leaves are of a high quality, unbroken variety; they will brew a good strength black tea with the obvious smoked  taste and aroma. Once tasted it will never be forgotten and if loved you will come back time and again for more! Ingredients: Chinese lapsang souchong.



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