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Decaffeinated Sencha Green Tea

A very refreshing green tea with a sencha style leaf, with the added benefits of being decaffeinated. 

An ideal choice for anyone health conscious wishing to reduce their caffeine intake but still being able to enjoy the benefits of healthy green tea.

Blenders Notes:

A fantastic quality sencha green tea from China, it has a bright green tea flavour, with refreshing qualities and brews light green in the cup.

Decaffeinated using the Co2 process so you won't find any chemical solvents in this cup, only great tasting green tea without the caffeine.

Instructions: Take a teaspoon of leaves for a cup/ 2 for a mug. Boil freshly drawn water, cool to 80 degrees, infuse leaves for no more two minutes and drink without milk.

Ingredients: Chinese Sencha Green Tea

DECAFFEINATED (a trace of caffeine will be present (less than 2-3 mg per serving).

All our teas come in kraft appearance Eco Packs, Fully 100% Biodegradable within 3 months! 

Due to manufacturing processes, this tea may contain traces of: Cereals containing gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya, mustard and sulphur dioxide (>10mg/kg). (sulphur dioxide is used to preserve all dried fruits and prevents them spoiling).