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English Breakfast Tea


Blenders Notes:

Our nation's favourite black tea is known throughout the world and is still the most popular thirst quencher for us Brits. There are so many varying types of this blend, some which are pleasing and others which are less so. So bearing this in mind we have taken some time to get a good balance of flavours and strength which we hope you will love!

Our breakfast tea is of a premium quality, we believe we have the flavours perfectly balanced. Our customers are always commenting on what a wonderful tasting cup of tea it makes. Using several different black tea leaves from Sri Lanka, India, Kenya and Rwanda which we believe offers a full of flavour, rich malty blend.

Assam Indian black tea,Sri Lankan Dimbula black tea, Milima Kenyan black tea & Rwandan Black Tea.

Naturally contains caffeine.

How to Brew: 
Take a teaspoon of leaves for a cup.. Boil freshly drawn water, infuse leaves for up to three minutes and drink preferably with milk. You may like o ass a little sugar if it suits your taste. Depending on how long you brew these gorgeous leaves determines the style of tea you prefer - for a quick brew (about a minute) makes a light refreshing breakfast tea with wonderful flavours brew longer (say 3 minutes) you will have a really strong cup of black tea, so just be patient while these premium quality large tea leaves unfurl, the wait is worth it!

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Type: Black Tea

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