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What is tea if you can't brew it?

June 01, 2016

What is tea if you can't brew it?

It is great to have lovely tasting loose leaf tea, but part of the process is to have the right accessories to get the best from the tea leaf. 

We have selected what we think is a good mix of accessories and teapots to compliment the teas that we blend.

Accessories - We have a select range of accessories to make your tea ceremony  perfect. Tea filters and infusers are our stock in trade, but we also have items such as tea timers, measuring spoons and other options that might entice you.

Teapots - we have a range of designs and sizes to fit all homes - from traditional single person to 6 person teapots, ceremonial Japanese tea sets to cutting edge Finum glass teapots with tea control system to instantly stop the brewing process without having to remove the filter - our finum teapots are on special offer at the moment so there isnt a better time to check them out 

So why wait, visit us now and see how your tea experience can be improved with what we have to offer.

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