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Tea Infusers to meet your needs.

August 17, 2016

Tea Infusers to meet your needs.

Looking for a good range of tea infusers?  Then you should visit Rosie Lea Tea.

We have over 8 different types and styles of traditional infusers to suit the needs and occasions for all types of tea – they range from extremely fine mesh (perfect for the likes of Mint teas) to a coarser mesh designed for full leaf lea. Infusers on a steel string, rod infusers, novelty infusers and in-cup infusers – we cover them all. We also stock the traditional tea strainer of course.

Whether you are looking for a tea mug / cup with infusers, we have a wide range to choose from which have built in infusers and in some cases also have a lid which can also act as a drip tray to place the infuser on once the tea is brewed.

If it is a teapot you are interested in, then we have a range of glass and ceramic teapots with infusers to choose from, the infusers of which are generally made from Stainless Steel and are dishwasher proof. We also have the most ingenious teapot system from Finum which has a built in infuser system which seals off the tea leaves within the teapot and so prevents further brewing without the need to remove the infuser itself.

So come and have a look and see what we can offer you today.

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