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National Poetry Day and Tea go hand in hand

September 28, 2017

National Poetry Day and Tea go hand in hand

It's #NationalPoetryDay today, we hope everyone is fully of verse and prose. Whether it be TS Elliot, Robert Louis Stevenson, or a myriad of other famous pushers of pen and ink, we hope you have had a good day. 
Here are a couple of short poems we found which suit our business to a tea....excuse the pun!

Afternoon Teas
Read this my dears, and you will see
how to make a nice cup of tea
take teapot to kettle, not t'other way round
and when you hear that whistling sound
pour a little in the pot
just make it nice and hot.
Pour that out and put in the tea,
loose or in bags, your choice, you see.
One bag for each two cups will do
with one extra bag to make a fine brew.
Steep 3-5 minutes then pour a cup.
Then sit right down and drink it up!
== Patricia Winchester

Tea that helps our head and heart.
Tea medicates most every part.
Tea rejuvenates the very old.
Tea warms the hands of those who're cold.
== J. Jonker, Amsterdam, circa 1670

If this isn't enough, then why not try some of our teas inspired by poets, or steep you favourite brew using one of our poet inspired themed infusers.....


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