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Loose Leaf Tea comes in many forms.

September 06, 2017

Loose Leaf Tea is gaining in popularity

Loose Leaf tea has been around for many years, indeed thousands of years, but perhaps in the last decade or so there has been an explosion in popularity with regards to how loose tea is drunk. 

Most people when thinking of tea instantly think of black tea. This has been the staple form of this great drink over the centuries, but the emergence of Green Tea, Blue (Oolong) and White teas as more popular forms of drink is transforming the industry. There are health benefits of some of these less well known teas such as weight loss, blood pressure improvement, cleansing and reduced caffeine content (blend dependant). Recent articles and research has risen the visibility of these alternatives, and they are perhaps more in the public eye than was the case not so many years ago. 

Black tea now has many variations on a theme with additions made to enhance taste and to give the public a wider choice of experience whilst drinking - our Vanilla Black and Kentish Ale are two such examples of how loose, black tea can change peoples perception of tea just being 'tea'.

The same principles can be applied to green, blue and white teas, with variations running into the thousands across all the tea companies currently in the marketplace. Addition of fruits and herbs to basic tea types mean you can try a different tea every day of the year for a decade and never repeat a blend.

We do not try and beat this trend, but through careful market research and tea tasting, have tried to come up with a diverse, innovative, but most importantly tasty range of loose leaf tea blends to provide our customers with a interesting range of drinks to keep them wanting more for years to come.

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