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Literary Gift | Tea Inspired Books and Gifts

August 30, 2017 1 Comment

books and tea -literary gift ideas

Looking for literary gifts for the avid book reader? Why not match up tea and books for the ultimate gift idea?  As a present for literature, Rosie Lea has created a wide range of inspired collections and tea gifts to meet the needs of the most dedicated book lover, reader or writer. Jane Eyre, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Charlotte Bronte, Harry Potter - this list goes on.

As a tea company, our head blender has created a range of teas designed to capture the essence of some of the worlds most influential authors and book titles. As a tea company, no teas are bought in as a 'best fit' to match a theme. Each tea is hand blended to relect either the era in which the author lived, or to reflect the nature of a particular book title or the theme of the novel which it reflects. Jane Eyre, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, 

As an example, our Dickensian-Connoisseurs Blend Black Tea is created using the tea which was typically available in England during the mid 1800's whilst Charles Dicken was at his most influential. At the other range of the spectrum, the Harry Potter Inspired Wizards Brew is a fun, sweet brew of premium black tea, vanilla and licorice, with a magical sprinkle of gold stars which will dissolve before your very eyes.

Other offerings include a subscription box service, launched in August 2017, based on Literary books and tea. RLT has picked a range of Penguin Little Black Classics and matched up tea blends to reflect the title of the months offering. More information on this subscription can be found by following this LINK.

A spin off from the literary theme has been sparked by the owners daughter - which is a range of literary jewellery and accessories - of course all with a tea based leaning. Tea balls with author or book based charms, necklaces and literary gift selections are rapidly coming onto our website to compliment our core business of tea.

Whatever your need, we most likely have a solution, so visit us and see what we have to offer.

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Mary Lewis Soileau
Mary Lewis Soileau

September 07, 2017

Just wanted to say that I was
touched to learn of the inspiration behind your tea. Such a beautiful way to honour your father. I wish you all great things.

Love this tea collection! I have immensely enjoyed my visit to your site. Such lovely goodies. Thanks for sharing your passion.

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