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5 tips for a better cup of tea

August 15, 2017

5 tips for a better cup of tea

If you want the best cup of tea, follow these five tips 

  1. Use good quality water. That means — “tasteless” water. If the tap water in your areas is poor (an example is in hard water areas where there may be significant calcium deposits in your kettle) then brew with spring or filtered water instead. Even cheap supermarket bottled water will give marked improvement on taste over tap water in such areas.
  2. Store tea in a dry spot, in an air-tight, opaque container to preserve freshness.
  3. Brew the right amount of tea for the serving portion. Too much tea will result in bitterness, too little will produce a weak cup. Rule of Thumb: start with one teaspoonful of leaves (approx. 3 grams) per 230ml cup of water and adjust from there.
  4. Steep at the optimal temperature to extract the most flavour. Use the temperature recommended for the particular type of tea you are brewing.

              Black   100 deg

             Green   80-85 deg

             Herbal  80-100 deg (read instructions which comes with the tea)

             White   80-85 deg

  1. Experiment with timing. Everybody is different and likes a different strength tea. Even in my household there is a difference with the same tea as to how my husband and I like to steep the same tea.  Look for recommended steep times on the product label to give you a rough guideline and go from there.

          Black   3-5 mins

         Green   3 mins

         Herbal  5-7 mins

         White   1-3 mins


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