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Harry Potter inspired tea potions

August 18, 2017

#harrypotter inspired tea gift

Here is our latest offering in our "Inspired by" range. Carrying on with our #harrypotter theme, the #wizards in our blending room have created a melange of tea potions for you..

We have filled four of our favourite teas into food safe test tubes with natural cork stoppers, then popped them into a jute drawstring bag and 10 disposable teabags to brew up your potions!

Dragon's Blood - fruit infusion created with flavoursome Morello cherries. A sweet, bright red blend to inspire!

Felix Felicis - delicious sweet brew of premium black tea, vanilla, licorice and heather for good luck.

Phoenix Tears - South African Rooibos and sweet caramel.

Wolfsbane - high grade sencha enhanced by the saltiness from sea buckthorn and the blue cornflower.

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