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Great British Brew Pyramid Teabags

June 20, 2016

Great British Brew Pyramid Teabags

New Pyramid Teabag range

Our Great British Brew is available only in pyramid teabags. With a really good, strong tea which brews quickly but has a fine full bodied flavour. Leave or Remain, the Great British Brew will continue to support you through your hour of need!!!!

Now if there is one thing we know a lot of British folk do love a good strong flavoursome brew. So we decided rather than our fantastic English Breakfast blend for loose leaf brewing we would blend a far stronger tea, selecting smaller leaves but still high quality loose leaf, this works fantastically in our teabags and brews a lot quicker too.

So pop the kettle on, it's time for a great British Brew!

Assam, Ceylon,  & Rwandan Black Teas.

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