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Earl Grey Tea and gifts

October 24, 2016

Earl Grey Tea and gifts

 For our Earl Grey tea we have used a gorgeous large unbroken leaf from Sri Lankan for our base. It has it's own special perfumed flavour which we feel works perfectly for this blend. These leaves have then been infused with a strong and distinctive oil of bergamot. Now we weren't happy with just this so added a little extra zing from lemon peel and orange flowers too.

Our Earl Grey is light in colour but the flavours are most certainly fabulous. We hope once you have tasted our version of such a classic tea you will be hooked for life!

We have used our tea to create some special gift sets such as Tea and Chocolate (the early grey in the chocolate isnt ours) which compliment each other perfectly. All of these options (and more) are available to buy online at the following site: 


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