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Chocolate Teapot - yes you have read that correctly!

September 28, 2016

Chocolate Teapot - yes you have read that correctly!

We think this will make a fabulous gift for anyone who is mad about chocolate or tea or both!

This is made from fabulous dark chocolate, it is life-size and has a removable lid! Pour it…..dip it…..eat it! The only useful chocolate teapot you will find. Made by Shokolat. Simply fill the teapot with hot water, stir in cocoa powder and pour a wonderful hot chocolate drink. Add more water to create a lovely chocolate fondue inside. Dip any of your favourite fruits, strawberries or marshmallows into the creamy chocolate fondue and enjoy the chocolate covered delights. When finished, simply break up the teapot and eat it! It has a shelf life until March 2018.

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