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How does a small Tea Company make a difference?

June 13, 2016

How does a small Tea Company make a difference?

We know it is difficult to compare loose leaf teas in these days, so a small Tea Company such as us has to work hard to build a reputation for good quality teas and we feel after 4 years in the blending business are definitely on a par with some of the bigger “Established” companies. Most of our teas are hand blended in Kent and we also produce unique bespoke blending services for special events or restaurants/hotels.

There are many different blends on the market, and it can become confusing to know what and where to buy from. Since the day we started trading our ethos has always been to provide good quality tea at affordable prices. A tea company depends very much on reputation and product, and the basis of this has to be consistent high grade base teas on which to build the blends. Here at Rosie Lea Tea we are always aware of this and strive for the best, choosing teas of the best quality, and that give us a great point from which to develop and offer the blends that we have. We are on a mission to make exceptional tea a daily pleasure and to make loose leaf tea simple, fun and enjoyable. Flexibility is a benefit a small company like us can offer as we can undertake small runs of specific, bespoke teas, as opposed to runs of hundreds of kilos of a particular tea the larger companies may be restricted to.

We don’t charge high prices as there is no need to, we don’t have high overheads so are able to pass these savings to the customers without compromising quality. Check out the internet to see comparisons between some of our blends when compared to some of our competitors – Chamomile, Silver Needle and Jasmine teas would be good teas to look at for a starter.   

There are some companies who measure success by presence in the big supermarkets. For some, this has led to struggle as they try to work on such small margins as dictated to by the buyers; in some cases quality suffers, in others the company folds.  

You won’t find us in the major supermarkets, but you will find our teas in an increasing number of independent outlets (in addition to our growing internet presence) where we have a strong following and, along with allowing Rosie Lea Tea to grow, also helps support other businesses to be successful too. We also supply tea to hotels and restaurants who want to supply a real tea experience. These establishments have built a very solid customer base which, to a great extent has been built on the quality and variety of the teas we provide.

We have customers who have changed from some large established tea companies to us, with comments such as “your teas are as good as xxxxx tea” and “we get much better value from Rosie Lea Tea and speed of delivery is great”.

We also look to find something different to offer to our customers other than just bags of loose leaf teas. We offer gift sets of tea, accessories and even chocolate to complement our teas, and more recently, our literary tea collections. These are collections of teas based on some of the most well-known authors such as Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and William Shakespeare. These collections come in hinged tins each containing up to 8 teas and quotes from some of their most famous novels.

Our wide range of accessories is one of the largest available online in the UK so we can say with a degree of confidence that we have something for everyone when looking to enhance the tea brewing experience.

There are many examples to choose from out there on the Internet with other companies, but we leave it to you to ultimately decide where to buy from – and hope you choose us – naturally!

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