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Teabag or Loose Leaf Tea?

April 01, 2016

Teabag or Loose Leaf Tea?

Which is best? I think the answer is “it depends on where you are and what you are doing”.

A quicker answer is if your teabag is mass produced and comes from the supermarket the loose leaf tea will win every time. There just isn’t the same quality in such teabags.

I will generally use loose leaf over teabags where possible, but with our select range of teabags packaged in pyramid form (which allows the tea leaves room to swell and give out the maximum flavour), I am often found using these when away from my home for convenience. The tea is identical to that which we sell in loose leaf form, so I don’t have to worry about quality or taste. I have been known to have teabags in my handbag ready for emergencies, so all I have to do is ask for some hot water… Whether travelling for business or holidays, I always make sure I am stocked up on my favourites.


Loose leaf tea however, is my preference. Apart from the fact that Rosie Lea Tea has over 70 blends of loose leaf, there is something about the ritual of preparing a really good cuppa! There are many options available now which means it doesn’t have to be a chore to prepare a cup of Char.

If I am with friends or colleagues then I use a teapot, but if I am on my own then I have a choice of different ways to brew up. This helps reducing wasting tea by not having to use a teapot which will hold too much just for me. It also helps that I have access to our wide range of options too!

Disposable T Sacs  - work like a conventional tea bag in that you put tea into it, put the T Sac into the mug, brew it and throw the sac away after.

Tea Infusers – we have a range of these that cater for different types of teas (mesh size), and also for different aesthetically pleasing looks – all of these filters have their own drip trays so you don’t have to be tied to the kitchen sink to prevent tea leaking over your table of desk

Tea Balls and Tongs – just add tea to these, dip them in a mug, wait and stir….

So come and see what we can do to tempt you away from teabag world and show you a whole new way to enjoy and explore the world of tea


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