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Our range of decaffeinated tea is small but perfectly formed. We have 3 'decaf' black teas, Earl Grey, Strong Breakfast and Ceylon. 

As the name suggests these are teas that have been through a process (in our case using carbon dioxide) to remove caffeine from the leaf whilst not affecting the flavour of the tea. This process leaves approximately 2% of residual caffeine left in the leaf, hence the reason that we cannot call it caffeine free. Since we introduced these teas to our collection, they have proved very popular and we have many repeat customers who come back for more - that has to be the best validation that we have the right blends. 

Available in 15g, 100g and 250g bags

 Now we have all our teas in our new ecopacks which are 100% biodegradeable within 3 months this is a must have blend for any real tea aficionado. If you havent tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

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